We are Longtail and we are not normal.

But we’re okay with that.

For a start, we’re an indie agency working on both sides of the country at the same time. We’re a ‘digital first’ agency that regularly produces print, experiential and film work for national clients. We have a trading desk in-house, with actual integration between creative and media – we specialise in dynamic creative. No, really.  This simple difference means that our creative work, our strategy documents and our media buys actually resemble one another. If you’ve spent enough time with the majority of agency networks around the country, you’ll notice that this is a rarity in digital creative advertising.

We love combining our knowledge of advertising and communication theory with the awesome new digital tools at our disposal. We love building new apps and tools to deliver the best ad messages to the most relevant eyeballs and click-mouse-fingers. Most importantly, we’re not propping up some traditional ad agency model from the ’70s that relies on high markups, mass offline distribution from media partners and bloated strategy departments that use words like ‘ideation’, ‘customer-centric content’ and ‘hidden nuggets of truth’. The only nuggets we like are chicken-based and don’t fall out of poorly researched reverse-strategy-briefs.

So yeah, we’re different.

But the way we see it, in a world where everyone is saying the same thing, being different has its advantages. To see why, just take a look at our work or get in touch with us below.

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360° Mobile Banner Syria Campaign

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Safe Syria Viral Film

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